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Posted on Mar 18, 2020 at: 01:36pm

Dear Members,

The COVID-19 pandemic is a fluid and rapidly changing situation. Our Members; Agents, PR Reps, Marketing Specialists and Office Personnel, are the heart of the local and AIL. There is nothing more important than safety, health and well-being of you, our families and the communities we are a part of.

Like many other unions and workplaces, we are navigating an unprecedented situation which comes with difficult decisions.  Our business is unique – we sell insurance and meet with people in-group and or a one-on-one setting. Social distancing right now during this pandemic is crucial to flatten the curve. Without a doubt, many of us will be facing challenges booking appointments and or meeting face to face with people in the upcoming days, weeks and maybe even months.

Businesses are closing daily – social distancing is on everyone minds! Below are links to detailed information from Health Canada and UNIFOR Canada as they contain far more detailed information relating to COVID-19, symptoms, precautions, seeking treatment, travel advisories etc. Health Canada at a minimum should be followed as this situation is very fluid and changes day by day.

We also strongly recommend you pay attention to your municipal and provincial authorities as locally things might vary depending on where you’re located.

Please visit:


PUBLIC SERVICES HEALTH CANADA and your LOCAL HEALTH AUTHORITIES regularly for up-to-date COVID-19 information;




We believe based on the travel, in home meetings and constant contact with people in close proximity not only are our Agents vulnerable to COVID-19 but could potentially become community spreaders themselves. It’s even more important for you to take precautions when interacting with clients. These include following strict hand hygiene regimen, sneeze & cough etiquette, social distancing of at least 2 meters or more, avoiding physical contact with others and avoiding people who are symptomatic. This needs to be practiced both with clients and with co-workers both in and outside the offices.

UNIFOR WORKPLACE UPDATE – March 17, 2020 As efforts continue to slow the transmission of COVID-19 throughout Canada, and mitigate the impact on workers, we must pay special mind to our workplace. Please be sure to keep your local updated on any measures put in place in our offices, in the field or issues that arise that require our attention.

Please practice;

• Personal hygiene (i.e. regular hand-washing, cleaning office equipment).

• Social distancing with co-workers, customers.

• Safety measures with customers.

COVID-19 continues to evolve daily - we will continue to monitor the situation for latest developments and for new up-to-date information. We all need to do our part to flatten the curve. Take care of yourselves and each other and continue to follow all Public Health Services Canada and your local health authorities recommendations!

In Solidarity,

The Officers of Unifor Local 247