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Have YOUR Say - NEW Union Project

Posted on Jan 10, 2014 at: 01:23am

We have an exciting year up ahead of us with the formation of our new union. Part of the process of creating the new union will be determining a new name, developing a new logo and crafting an impressive public image for our new organization. The task at hand is not a small one, but it sure is exciting work.

The new union Communications Working Group, tasked with this work, has developed a questionnaire to find out what our members, allies, affiliates, non-union workers and others think about these important foundational elements. This survey will be one of the first parts of the consultative process, leading up to the founding convention to be held on Labour Day weekend in Toronto.

The Communications Working Group is looking to hear from you, your coworkers, friends, family, neighbours and all others in your surroundings. You can fill out the questionnaire online or on paper, and please be sure to pass it on to your contacts. The questionnaire is attached here in PDF format and is easy to print. It is also available to fill out online here: